Hello you!

Feels pleasant to be back here, re-connecting with sharing about my mindfulness practice.  

A close friend of mine recently started a blog and it inspired me to revisit this space (thanks Mel!!!!)

I suppose I could outline the last number of months about what this practice has created/opened/developed within me…. 

I may do that later.  Right now, I want to share about something else.  I was at the Urban Dharma group a couple of weeks ago (part of the Dharma Punx nation: http://www.dharmapunx.com/index.asp) and Gene Lushtak spoke about something that resonated with me quite deeply.

During the sit, he encouraged us to pay attention to the feeling(s) we may be experiencing about another feeling.  At first, it was a bit abstract for my brain.  I felt grateful he elaborated.  Let’s say something happened in my life earlier today that created feelings of being upset.  I feel upset for sometime, maybe several hours.  After those several hours, If I can get really still, maybe I get a sense that there is something more besides that feeling of being upset within me.  I may realize that I am frustrated that this situation is still upsetting me.  In that specific moment, what is happening is that I feel frustrated.  The nuances are fascinating for me.

Another example from my life yesterday: at some point, I noticed I felt bored.  Actually, I realized I don’t even know what bored feels like because it is instantly covered and bombarded with “shoulds,” with guilt and with some sense of restlessness and almost desperation to feel something else immediately. 

I’ve been trippin’ out on this for a couple of weeks now.

Thank you for reading.  


About ogrocks

My current focus is to become 100% a human being rather than a human doing. I was introduced to mindfulness many years ago and began an active practice in 2007. The ebb and flow of my commitment has been curious and I am exploring...

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  1. Thank you for the shoutout! Glad you are back on here. There is a certain calmness I get when I read what you write. 🙂 I love this notion of a feeling about a feeling. There are more layers to this being human than we may realize sometimes. This is helping me tune into that. Thank you!

  2. This is one of my favorite new posts – though I really love them all. I can’t wait to keep coming back here – that is a lot of forward thinking 🙂 but I think well intentioned. I always learn from you!

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