Currently, my life seems to be busy and everyday is filled with a wondrous mixture of things I get to do.  A while back, I started re-framing my statements of “I have to do…” into “I get to do….”  I suppose it is a gratitude practice of sorts.  I get to do laundry because I have clothes, a house, washing machine, running water, etc.  It has helped me shift some of the perspectives I’ve held onto, and it is a nice reminder when I feel overwhelmed by “having” to do many things.

One of the activities I have recently begun is training to become a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) teacher.  Here is some basic information from the founding university  (http://www.umassmed.edu/Content.aspx?id=41254).  It feels like a natural transition and next step to combine my own practice in mindfulness with a way to teach it professionally.  I love that my homework is to engage is mindfulness practice and mindful movement for at least 30 minutes every day.  Heck yeah!!!  I am also really excited and happy to share this  teaching/training with family and friends.  Yesterday, I led a couple of close friends through several of the practices and they both seemed to find usefulness and benefit in them, as well as providing me with useful feedback.  My wonderful boyfriend has agreed to participate and I’m curious of his experience with this style of practice versus what he has been doing.  This weekend, my parents have graciously agreed to be my “guinea pigs” as well and participate in my leading them through this practice.  I am very happy to be sharing this with them for several reasons.  I want my parents to have a better understanding about the things in my life that I am passionate about.  I think having an opportunity to witness it firsthand is a positive way to share this information.  I think my parents may find usefulness and benefit in this practice as well.  I think everyone could.  I am curious to share this experience with them (and hope my brother chooses to join us).

Since this is a practice, the suggestion is to engage in formal mindfulness practice for at least 15 minutes every day, with some informal mindfulness practices throughout each day.  Informal practice may include anything, really; just bringing awareness to whatever is happening right now, externally, internally or both.  Sometimes, I struggle with the daily commitment and this is one of the things I’m curious to learn more about, for myself and as a way to support people in my life who choose to experiment with adding this awareness practice into theirs.

I feel tremendous gratitude to be exactly where I am, right now.


About ogrocks

My current focus is to become 100% a human being rather than a human doing. I was introduced to mindfulness many years ago and began an active practice in 2007. The ebb and flow of my commitment has been curious and I am exploring...

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  1. The brother has chosen to join! And he is looking forward to it!!

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